Context Map Suite

Context Map is a revolutionary tool for Architects, Designers, and Urban Planners to jumpstart their project work with a suite of geospatial CAD data - ready to import into your favourite design tool. FREE Samples available now!  

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Council Services

Unlock the power of spatial intelligence for your council in Australia. From building vector footprints, heights, to non-compliance alerts, time-series and risk predictions. Urbanfinity offers a wide range of tools for your community. 

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Urban Sustainability Valuation and Forecast

Urbanfinity provides a view of your city performance and forecasts future growth and demand in the property, transportation, and sustainability sector.

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Micro Targeted Risk Analytics

Urbanfinity helps you to assess the risks involved with property valuations and potential damage categorisation. Improve risk mitigation, dwellings value estimation, and market forecast.  

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Renewable Energy Analytics

Leverage spatial data intelligence to find the optimal strategy for your renewable energy project - whether solar potential or grid optimisation - we help you to identify the most cost effective and sustainable solution. 

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Pool Services

Find new and current pools across Australia. Urbanfinity's intelligent pool tracking tool allows your local or regional pool business to find new clients and to expand your business efficiently. 

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