Urbanfinity utilizes satellite products that are designed for stereo imaging processing and are ideal for digital urban model generation and 3D visualization.

How it's done

Satellite Stereo2

Stereo Satellite Imaging

High resolution stereo images are collected by a satellite on the same orbit, and are acquired at angles optimal for stereo viewing and manipulation. The data is then used to create 3D images at 50cm resolution. 

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3D Feature Mapping

Urbanfinity provides a comprehensive view into the location, distribution, and characteristics of all urban structures in Australia. Features and physical attributes of buildings, trees and land cover are characterised including 3D properties such roof or tree height as well as digital surface models.


Generate Predictive Models

Our spatial analytics and machine learning team transforms big data into real world applications that have sustainable impact on our life in cities. We help organizations to unlock the hidden value of their own data, augmenting it with our data and physical models, as well as processing it with our machine-learning algorithms.

Our team is passionate about data and includes international experts in machine learning. We apply scientific rigor and security procedures when building your proprietary solutions.