What is Site Analysis?

Optimise urban design through site specific environmental insights and analyse your next project, now part of the Context Map Suite

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Site Analysis for Urban and Town Planners

Launched in 2019, Site Analysis is a revolutionary new tool for urban and town planners to jumpstart their project work with a suite of geospatial data - providing all information where construction of a site is viable. Every Site Analysis is generated for a customisable location and radial extent - readily available for almost anywhere in Australia with our satellite data partner Geoscape by PSMA Australia. Implement the optimal design that respond to site specific environmental and physical features. Samples are now available for town planners and urban planners for use. 

Enjoy the power of Context Map

Have the vision of the local landscape in 2D and 3D

Using the power of geospatial data provided by Geoscape by PSMA Australia, Context Map is using machine learning to drive innovation for urban planners and town planners

  • 3D building models for Site Analysis
  • See zoning areas of commercial, residential and industrial buildings
  • Clear understanding of the location for trees and vegetation
  • Get insights of the terrain and topography
  • Discover all property boundaries and cadastral lot titles


Building model based on satellite data provided by Geoscape by PSMA Australia

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Reporting based on data provided by Bureau of Meteorology 

Enjoy the power of Site Analysis

Gain insights of weather patterns across Australia

Site Analysis machine learning tech is based on more than 600 weather station across Australia and provides you with the most accurate weather analysis to date. 

  • Monitor wind patterns and seasonal variations 
  • Rainfall and temperature analysis using 15 years of historical data
  • Psychrometric data to optimise the buildings energy efficiency
  • Solar diagrams to identify the optimal building orientation
  • Readily available in PNG or PDF format


As part of the Context Map Suite, Site Analysis comes with a variety of packages for your firm.



Context Map  provides subscription models for small, medium and large firms. This includes zoning, terrain, vegetation, trees and much more.

Context Map Pay Per Site

Pay Per Site

Context Map supports one-off ad hoc projects for architects who are in a hurry. This also includes high resolution aerial photography.


View Map/ Site Analytics

When you implement Context Map, you receive integration with Viewmap and Site Analytics which provide greater aesthetic awareness.


Rapid, intelligent site analysis

Context Map Suite can achieve rapid, intelligent site analysis for optimised and sustainable urban development, providing a customisable 3D model and analytics for any new project site.

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