3D Town Planning Reports

Supported by the Australian Government - Context Map for Town Planners is a revolutionary new tool to gain instant Site Analytics and Contextual information with a suite of data layers and 3D geospatial technology. This allows Town Planners to estimate environmental impacts and the effects of a proposal using context-rich Site Plans and interactive 3D PDF models.  


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Next Generation Geospatial Intelligence

For Town Planners

  • Improve the DA Application Process with rich contextual data
  • Instant Access to all Sites across Australia
  • Include Interactive 3D Models in your PDF reports
  • The Latest Nearmap 2D Imagery and and 3D Measurements
  • Leverage Site Analytics Maps for estimating Environmental Impacts
  • Instant Site Plans and Suburb Built Characteristics
  • Analyse View Corridor and Shadowing Impacts via 3D Model 


Assess Environmental Impacts Faster

Instant Site Plan Diagrams

  • Detailed Area Length and Shape of Allotments 
  • Vegetation + Real Tree Height Location Measurements
  • Existing Buildings Footprints + Building Height Measurements
  • Zoning Information and Built Environment Characteristics
  • Property Boundaries and Cadastral Lot Titles
  • Get Insights of the Terrain and Topography for Flooding
  • SunPath-Diagram for Shadowing Impacts
  • High-res Climate Statistics Visualisations


Source: Urbanfinity + Geoscape by PSMA Australia + Imagery by Nearmap

Distorted Site Analysis 2

Source: Urbanfinity + Nearmap 

Clear Orthographic Analytics 

High-Resolution Nearmap Imagery

  • Nearmap 2D images with 5-8cm resolution
  • Coverage of most Urban Areas
  • Latest Imagery with Regular Updates
  • Substantiate the Statement of Environmental Effects 
  • Inspect Site Constrains, Privacy, Views and Overshadowing
  • Include NearMap 3D Data for Precision Analytics 

Rapid, intelligent optimised urban development

Context Map Suite can achieve rapid, intelligent site analysis for optimised and sustainable urban development, providing a customisable 3D model and analytics for any new project site.

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