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Don't you wish you had an extra day or two at concept design stage? How much would your design improve if you did? Find out why the best Architects use Context Maps.

Stay Creative

Imagine starting each design with a completed 3D Context Model, already inserted as Native CAD elements. You are now ready to do what you do best, Stay Creative.

Document Less

Architects who use Context Maps save up to 4 days modelling per project, allowing them time to focus at the most critical stages of concept design. Create time when you need it most.

Achieve Greatness

You don't have to wait until you are ready to retire to start producing your best work. By working smarter, not harder allow yourself time to twiddle your pencil more and immerse yourself in creative bliss.

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Connecting your Design to the Real-World

Give your plans the benefit of real-world context that’s reliable and up-to-date. Our CONTEXT MAP ENGINE transforms real-world features into 3D CAD Models to speed up Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Engineering design workflows.


  • Detailed 3D building models
  • Property boundaries and terrain
  • Realistic tree sizes and heights that have been verified by LiDAR

Enhancing Building Footprints by Machine Learning

In partnership with the Australian Government, Urbanfinity now has the most accurate and upto date building footprint databases across Australia. 

We have combined advanced spatial machine learning technology and a geospatial network of up-to-date and high-resolution aerial data to provide you with the most accurate building footprints possible. Get unprecedented high fidelity content to effectively communicate the impact of your proposed design.

Providing a New Dimension of Building Features at Your Fingertips

Released in 2020, Context Map 2.0 now has an increased level of detail which includes building podiums, medium and high rise setbacks and lift overruns. To the right you can see a CAD parametric model from our Context Map which has been extracted from 3D LiDAR surveys to provide accurate height verification.

Leverage a complete set of integrated real-world 3D building model features.  Get deeper context for your project to plan and visualise your design by clearly analysing perspective, angles, and shading.

Improving Coordinate Positional Accuracy Using Ortho Imagery and Real-world Feature Alignment

Even Nearmap imagery needs CRS and rotation correction to match real world MGA surveys. Correcting XYZ scaling factors, rotation and accurately aligning the building forms to their respective spatial geo-referenced locations is what we do best. 

Context Map uses the most current and high-resolution ortho-imagery to determine positional coordinates of all features. But no data is perfect. That's why we add multiple spatial processes to align features and geo-reference all data to achieve consistence and accuracy across all model features.

Automating Building Height Verification Using Nearmap 3D

You asked for it, and now we have it. Along with our building footprint verification, we now verify building heights from Nearmap 3D Model meshes. This allows for rapid context modelling and reduces polygon counts so that the resultant parametric CAD model is light and lean and ready to be natively inserted to your CAD platform. 

All building features are automatically verified using the latest Nearmap 3D LiDAR data which is regularly updated for all Australia’s major urban centres. Updates are then further enhanced with our Context Map 3D engine. Add highly accurate 3D building environments to help design, analyse and space configuration needed for your project.


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