Add Context Maps
to Your Site Survey

Create Adaptive Resolution Surveys with Context Map

Context Map for Surveyors is a revolutionary new tool to add contextual information to site surveys with a suite of data layers and 3D geospatial technology. Using the combined power of aerial to ground measurements allows surveyors to enhance their survey with large-scale context and native CAD 3D models.  

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Take Advantage of Adaptive Resolution

What are the advantages of adding multi level resolution layers to your survey? Context Map for Surveyors is designed to combine the optimal data at scales where it matters - from survey measurements (mm resolution) at the central site, to Nearmap 3D LiDAR and 2D aerial orthographic photography (5-8 cm resolution) nearby, to stereo satellite imagery at larger scale (0.5m -2m). This is made possible by integrating all relevant measurements from our partner networks into one unified geo-referenced 3D model at the optimal resolution - enhancing your survey cover by a typical scale factor of 5-10.

Add the Power of Native CAD Models

Enhance your survey measurements with fully editable 3D models that natively integrate in your clients design workflow process. Context Map for Surveyors supports all major CAD platforms  (Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Vectorworks, SketchUp, Rhino), GIS, 3D print format, and 3D web visualisation.

This allows Architects and Urban Planner to save valuable time in integrating survey measurement and to jumpstart their design process with a suite of measurements and contextual information.





Multi Feature Layers 

Context Map has you covered across Australia including:

  • Cadastral property layouts and titles
  • Building footprints and heights
  • Terrain and topography
  • Vegetation and tree heights
  • Zoning
  • Site Analysis and Site Plan

How it Works?



Select Site 

Select the site location and the size of your Context Map, and choose your preferred data format.




Context Map automatically aggregates all data layers and generates parametrised 2D and 3D CAD models. Your Context Map is typically available for download within a few hours.



Enhance Survey

Use Context Map to provide a feature rich add-on to your survey or integrate your survey measurements directly into Context Maps CAD models. 


Context Map for Surveyors

Context Map Suite can achieve rapid, intelligent site analysis for optimised and sustainable urban development, providing a customisable 3D model and analytics for any new project site.