Urbanfinity secures $210,000 grant by Australian Government for Context Map technology

Seb Haan - Apr 3, 2019 6:11:13 PM



Urbanfinity was awarded a $210,000 Australian Government Accelerating Commercialisation grant last week to commercialise and develop Context Map Suite, a revolutionary new tool for architects and urban planners. Context Map's innovative technology achieves rapid, intelligent site analysis for optimised and sustainable urban development, providing customisable 3D CAD models and analytics for any new project site.

The Australian Government Accelerating Commercialisation grants are awarded to the most promising start-ups in Australia to fast-track the development of high quality projects with local and export market potential which will grow the economy and create Australian jobs. The funding will help to scale, connect and launch the Context Map Suite to optimise urban design on domestic and international markets.

The Context Map is now available here to jumpstart your design with the latest site features:

  • Vector 3D building measurements including 15 million buildings across entire Australia
  • Property layouts, measurements, and titles
  • Terrain and topography DEM models
  • Trees, vegetation and tree heights
  • Zoning and site analytics
  • Highly customisable Context Map location and sizes.
  • Georeferenced coordinates
  • Ready-to-go models for all major CAD/GIS formats such as Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, SketchUp.
  • Fully editable layer formats to integrate into your complete design workflow process

More information about the Context Map Suite can be found at:

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