Urbanfinity launches Australia’s first Sustainability Index Report

Seb Haan - Apr 24, 2018 6:00:00 PM


Find the most sustainable and most disadvantaged suburbs in your area!

Urbanfinity has released Australia’s only current Sustainability Index that seeks to create a reliable benchmark for Suburbs in NSW to compare their relative Sustainability outcomes. The Sustainability Index Report for NSW provides data and analysis, identifying key trends and emerging issues affecting Sustainability in NSW.

The index uses both Qualitative and Quantitative data theme analysis, against a set of sustainability indicators covering social and human, natural and economic factors and is underpinned by an all-encompassing theoretical framework of Sustainability which was recently defined by the National Sustainability Council of Australia.

The Index has the potential to assist in a variety of ways:

  • Suburb benchmark and performance, providing helpful information to the public and the Local Government.
  • New businesses selecting the best areas to establish their businesses.
  • Individuals selecting a suitable suburb for their home based on their aspirational ideal.
  • Assisting individuals and leaders to make educated decisions for a better future.
  • Local Governments deciding on strategic investment areas.

For more information on Urbanfinity’s Sustainability Index Report and to explore the complete index, visit our website:

Sustainability Australia

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