What is the science behind Urbanfinity’s technology?

In our previous blog, we discussed how maps have evolved from being a mere navigation tool to an urban planning tool. In this piece, we will delve into how Urbanfinity collects data helpful to design professionals.

Topics: Context Map- Urbanfinity- Site Analysis- 3D Model

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From Navigation to Urban Planning: Maps are still relevant

In this article we will talk about the history of navigation and how we have come a long way from making maps for navigation to adapting it for urban planning.

Topics: Context Map- Urbanfinity- 3D Model- 2D Model

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Urbanfinity and Nearmap partnership - How does this impact your business?

Source: Nearmap Proprietary Limited

Topics: Context Map- Urbanfinity- Site Analysis- Nearmap- View Map- Integration- Designer

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Urbanfinity secures $210,000 grant by Australian Government for Context Map technology


Urbanfinity was awarded a $210,000 Australian Government Accelerating Commercialisation grant last week to commercialise and develop Context Map Suite, a revolutionary new tool for architects and urban planners. Context Map's innovative technology achieves rapid, intelligent site analysis for optimised and sustainable urban development, providing customisable 3D CAD models and analytics for any new project site.

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Why We Are Measuring Every Building In Australia And How You Can Benefit

More than 15 Million buildings available now!

There have been vast improvements in technologies in recent years with enhancements in satellite imagery, machine learning and big data being only just a few. Together with the latest satellite data release from Geoscape by PSMA, we are now able to capture location based insights for every address in the country including more than 15 million buildings in total! 

By using spatial machine learning it is now possible - for the first time - to get precision 3D data for all buildings structures, trees, pools, solar panels, and landcover across the country*. Here are three great reasons you should be interested in Geospatial data: 

Read More Dec 1, 2018 6:00:00 PM

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