Founded by established entrepreneur Jamie Bonnefin and data science researcher Dr. Sebastian Haan in the vivid CBD of Sydney, we’re turning the world’s leading spatial technology and big data into transformative urban applications, helping cities and businesses to find sustainable solutions.

With domain expert knowledge in architecture, physics, and machine learning and access to cutting-edge 3D satellite data, our products and services address a vast range of needs of an organisation — from micro targeted risk analytics, property value growth strategies to innovative urban development solutions through our prediction apps and Data as a Service (DaaS) platform.


Jamie Bonnefin

Founder & Entrepreneur

Jamie Bonnefin is a career company director and entrepreneur having a background in Architecture, Sustainability and Development. He is a qualified International Leadership Coach and has a keen focus on team development and grass roots community engagement.

Sebastian Haan

Founder & Research Data Scientist

Dr. Sebastian Haan is a research data scientist and specialises in probabilistic machine learning and spatial data visualisation methods. With a background in data science as well as particle and astrophysics, he has tenured international research positions at the California Institute of Technology (USA), CSIRO (Sydney), and the Max-Planck-Institute (Germany). Having long term experience in analysing a wide range of complex data, he is tackling new challenges in the rapidly changing field of machine learning for data science applications together with the University of Sydney.

Our growing network includes over 10 urban developers, architects and data scientist from highly regarded engineering and academic labs in Sydney including the University of Sydney, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and the University of New South Wales (UNSW). We are trusted partner of PSMA Australia.