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Services for cities and businesses to find sustainable solutions.

Context Map

Jumpstart your project work with a suite of geospatial CAD data.

Identify opportunities and risks where high precision information will have maximum impact on your business, city, or property.


Context Map City

View and understand your cities forecast in future growth.

Track your area's eco performance and infrastructure to find sustainable solutions for a healthier environment.


Site Analysis

Automated and instant insight into site aerials and micro-climates. 

Unlock the value of 3D imaging data with customised geoSaaS applications and integrate these into your business.

Context Map

Save time in modelling your project while connecting your designs with plans that include up-to-date and real-world context.

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Context Map City

See your city through leading geospatial CAD data that highlights possibilities for sustainable city development.

Site Analysis

We quickly process the latest Nearmap data into layers that include climate and psychrometric analysis.


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